I just wanted to give you an idea of how my life has turned around since my hypnotherapy session with you. As you know I’ve experienced ongoing relationship issues and at the time of visiting you I was quite fragile as well as a little sceptical about how you could help. From the moment I met you I felt safe and found you to have a gentle and compassionate approach. After that session I felt less anxious and had great clarity of mind and I now feel happy, confident and better equipped to deal with my life. This is reflected in my relationship with my partner taking a very positive upward turn. I am extremely grateful to you Kate and will be highly recommending you to others who are looking to make positive changes to enhance their life. Many thanks Kate for sharing the power of hypnosis with me.

Louise, Sutherland

Kate's approach was gentle and felt tailored to me. It released the pressure I was feeling, and touched the right places. She showed rather than told me how her style of hypnotherapy is more about positively retraining subconscious thought patterns than 'going under' and losing control or willpower.

Michela, Ashfield

I decided to see Kate as I wanted help with my issues around poor food choices. I immediately felt comfortable with Kate and was easily hypnotised. Her voice is very relaxing! Almost straight away I noticed that I wasn’t making automatic choices about the wrong foods all the time but actually stopped to consider my choices before eating. This new level of awareness is a really big deal for me. Thank you Kate for all of your help. I’d definitely recommend you to anyone looking to change their life for the better.

Henrietta, Bondi